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Payments Advisory

Payments Powered Performance

Payments can be confusing, especially when you're starting your company and trying to get your product from 0 to 1. Payments Rocket can help with all of your online/offline, US/Global, payfac (payment facilitator), direct merchant and platform account, and more needs. Let payments rocket fuel your company's growth.


The Fundamentals of Payments - Acquiring

Foundation First Frameworks

Learn the fundamentals of acquiring and payouts

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Business Operations

Open Optimized Organization

You've built an amazing business. The problem is, you're central to the business and can't find a way out of the everyday to focus on the future. I've seen hundreds of businesses and I've seen what it takes to make it, to help get past that growth blocker and to find time to work on the vision and next stage of your company. No one has all the answers but as a former consultant, entrepreneur, and most recently building the online economy at Stripe - I can help.

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