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Innovators who have Built and Managed Modern Payment Rails

Investment Banker | Legislator | Entrepreneur

Danika has built payments from the ground up and understands the nuts and bolts of today's payments landscape.  She helps startups understand how payments and efficient operations can be the bedrock of growth and propel the creation of novel customer engagement experiences. Through payments and operations she helps companies think through current and future problems and executes on sustainable growth solutions. Both services combined help companies turn payments and operational efficiency into fuel for success.

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Storyteller | Marketer | Communicator

Faryl Ury has spent her career developing and telling the stories of top brands. She’s built and led communications and marketing teams at Square, Uber, and Dropbox. Previously, she lived in Washington, D.C. where she served as the Press Secretary for U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen and worked as a journalist for The Associated Press and NPR. She’s an instructor at General Assembly and serves on the board of the non-profit 826 Valencia.


Payments Expert | Business Developer | Global

Kelle has spent her career guiding established International businesses and notable unicorn scale startups on payments. With a deep knowledge of payments systems and tools, she’s helped her partners not only optimize existing operations, but accelerate their businesses through creative, bespoke payments solutions. Kelle supports companies with domestic and global expansion through alternative payment method integrations and go-to-market strategies. 

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