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About Danika

I am a lifelong tinkerer and entrepreneur - from making and selling bracelets at Summer camp, building a babysitting empire in DC, starting a bed-in-a-box mattress company before it was cliché, and helping thousands of companies at during my tenure at Stripe.

I started Payments Rocket because I have a deep desire to help businesses grow and am troubled by the often *extremely expensive and bad advice* given to start-ups as they think about integrating and monetizing payments. Save yourself the money, don't become a payfac!

I've built modern payment rails from the ground up over the past 5 years and Payments Rocket's team of advisors are here to serve you. We partner with you to find the right automated tools / systems / processes to help you integrate payments and move on with your life. Payments Rocket is the advisor that will help you rocket fuel growth without sacrificing your product and user experience.

Founder: About Me
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